Chisholm Links has an active membership of 360 who would love to have you join them or spend time talking to them about the club.
The golf course is open all year round and thanks to our sand base, we are very rarely closed in the wet winter months.
As far as weather goes, as we overlook the beach and being a 'true links' golf course we get some wind. However, this is also a very fun and challenging aspect of the course, requiring you to develop your game to play shots into or with the coastal breezes. Because of our location, we miss most of the rain and mist that affects the playability of the other 18-hole golf courses in Dunedin. 
Categories Fees
Full Membership
9-Hole Membership
Honorary Membership
Junior Membership
$80.00 (16 and under or still at High School)
Seasonal Membership
3 Month Winter – Jun-Jul-Aug
Weekday Membership
Under-30 Membership
Student Member
$320.00 (full time student and one payment)
Full Membership ($795) can be paid by installments - with an initial installment of $190 and 11 monthly payments of $55.
New Members are offered a special first year Full Membership fee of $500. 
  • Midweek Ladies’ Section and 9-Hole Club play on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am
  • Weekend Ladies’ and 9-Hole Club play on Saturday mornings at 8.30am

  • Saturday’s from 7.45am – 3pm
  • Monday night 9-hole Ambrose Team’s Competition. Course closed from 5pm – 7.30pm
  • Thursday night Mercantile Team’s Competition. Course closed from 5pm – 8pm
Local university and Polytech students enjoy heading out to Chisholm Links for a social or competitive 12 or 18 holes. With a student membership ($320) that allows you to play all winter (or while you are studying!). If you are bringing your mates out then the relaxed dress code ensures they can enjoy playing with you (student green fees are only $20).  
Junior golf programmes are temporarily unavailable. 
Junior golf programmes are suited to all skill levels. Please contact (03) 455 - 0715 for more information regarding junior golf activities.